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About Us

Seed to Sale Consulting specializes in everything from the start of growth to the final sale of medical and recreational marijuana. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Seed to Sale Consulting is on the cutting edge of the marijuana industry. Our team manages and owns several recreational and medical marijuana grows and dispensaries in Denver and continues to expand. We have developed proven techniques that will allow you to efficiently produce high quality cannabis and maintain a very profitable business.

Business Plan

  • Compliance

    We believe complying with local and state law is a critical part to the success of any dispensary and grow facility. We have the ability and systems that make compliance in any state or city simple, yet comprehensive. From tracking product from seed to sale or making sure the building is up to code, Seed to Sale Consulting has experience with all aspects of the process.

  • Business model

    Seed to Sale Consulting has proven business models within the marijuana industry that will allow you to set up a well-run business right from the start. We teach our clients techniques that have taken years to develop that will save time and money.


  • Analyzing potential grow properties - Security

    Not only is keeping yourself, employees and product safe a constant issue for your business, it’s also an important issue for state and local authorities as well as the neighboring community. Moving into a secure or securable building for your grow or dispensary could save you thousands of dollars as well as keep you safe and secure. Seed to Sale Consulting will help burglar proof the outside of your grow facility and also help implement other security and safety precautions from inside the building.

  • Analyzing potential grow properties - Environment

    Being able to create the optimal environment for your marijuana is one, if not the most important aspect of the growing phase. It is critical that your grow has the appropriate infrastructure to support the creation of that environment from power to HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

  • Grow Infrastructure

    Seed to Sale Consulting specializes in creating the perfect environment inside your grow no matter what the conditions might be outside. Seed to Sale Consulting will set up the optimal and appropriate environment and infrastructure that will make growing high yielding and high potency cannabis seem easy to achieve. We have the ability to handle all the HVAC, plumping, electrical and Seed to Sale Consulting also has relationships with several grow equipment manufacturers and suppliers to get the absolute lowest cost on all equipment.

    Seed to Sale has the ability to create specialized layout and growing techniques to cater to your growing needs. For examples, we can create a system that maximizes per plant yield for low plant counts, maximize yield per watt for energy efficiency, or maximize yield per watt for low space.

  • Grow Systems/Training

    When developing our grow system, our main focus was create the highest quality cannabis with heavy yields that was easy to maintain with minimal effort. Our grow system is currently being used by several large scale grow facilities in the very competitive Colorado market. The Seed to Sale Consulting grow system has been designed specifically for commercial growing by keeping everything standardized and easy to learn and successfully implement. We will also cover an in-depth explanation and show examples of how to properly harvest and cure cannabis to insure a smooth smoke and prevent mold and mildew throughout the process.

    We offer a comprehensive training course with hands on training at one of our locations where we go through all steps of the system. We will also provide an easy to read step-by-step guide that will cover everything from planting a seed or clone to harvesting and then packaging for consumption.

  • Genetics

    Seed to Sale Consulting provides our clients with some of the best genetically engineered plants in the world that focus around the needs of the patients/customers. We offer a large variety of high CBD strains for pain and discomfort and other strains that help specific medical conditions. We also have energetic strains, low energy strains, purple strains, etc. For companies that are not in Colorado, we are connected with reputable breeders that will be able to accommodate all your strain needs.

Retail/Dispensary Location

  • Layout

    Seed to Sale Consulting tailors all dispensaries to meet all the demands of the patients/customers and the center.

  • Tracking and Point of Sale

    Seed to Sale Consulting will stream line your patient tracking and point of sale system by integrating them both into one system. Checking in and adding new patients will be simple. Give customers the perfect strain every visit by tracking their likes and dislikes. Track backroom and on shelf inventory as well as how much of each strain/concentrates you’ve sold that day.

  • Labels and packaging

    Having the appropriate labeling and packaging is it not only important for state compliance but also for patient/customer safety. It is important that your labeling clearly indicates the dosages of your products, the ingredients used to produce them so your consumers know exactly what they’re consuming and the possible physical/mental side effects once taken. For medical marijuana, the labeling must also state for whom the medicine is intended. Creating packaging that is child proof is also a necessity.

  • Training

    Learn the different medical effect of a wide variety of strains, the potential medical benefits of other delivery mechanisms (hash, tinctures and edibles) and how to recommend the correct dosages for each patient.

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